Wiccan love spells

Wiccan love spells

Wiccan love spells

There are some simple acts of love which have been obtained from the ancient Wiccan books termed as ĎWiccan Love Spellsí. These acts of love or spells are easy to be practiced and do not require any special method and by having some required ingredients you can practice it on your own.

The first Wiccan Love Spell is to get affection from a particular individual. This spell is practiced at night. Incite a fire in a fireproof vessel. Think with close attention about the individual you are interested in. Now take a square shaped paper of the size three by three inches and on this page draw a big red color heart and, in this heart, write the name of the person you are interested in. now continuously think about the individual you are interested in, visualize that inside them there is a burning desire just like the blaze of the fire to fall in love with you. After this with full love and warmth in the heart on your heart, kiss on the name written on the heart three times in repetition. Now place the square piece of paper in the fire and sit close to the fire and concentrate that the spell that you have cast will come true. After a moment, suppress the fire and soon your love will follow you.

The second Wiccan love spell is termed as the practice of dreaming your desire. To practice this ritual, keep almonds and raisins three each in quantity, honey, and milk with you. This spell is cast in the night during your sleeping hours. Before going to sleep place both the raisins and almonds under your pillow and before falling asleep, drink milk with honey while thinking about your soulmate or love partner. If it is written that you shall fall in love with the desired person, you shall surely get a hint in your dreams about this.

The third Wiccan love spell is the tarot card game. For this spell to be cast you need to have a pack of tarot cards. Amongst these pack of cards, you shall only require the king of cups, the star card, and loversí card. Firstly, you require to put the star card on the top of the table and observe the issues you had faced to reach your love partner. After this put, the king of cups card on the top of the table imagine about everything that you would ever want in your lover to be. From their looks to their style everything means everything. After you have completed all this, move on putting the final card that is the loversí card on the top of the table and imagines the love of your life staying with you and having the best time of your life going through.

These are some of the most majorly used Wiccan love spells being practiced throughout. As these are some of the spells which require very fewer ingredients and not any special set of ingredients to be practiced. Could be done by any individual easily. Follow these Wiccan love spells and live happily ever after.

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