Hoodoo Spells

Hoodoo Spells

Hoodoo Spells

Hoodoo spells are related in some way to other form of witchcraft, but you really should not be confuse in Hoodoo spells and Voodoo spells. Even though the names, they are not similar at all. Before we start the Hoodoo spells, you must understand what Hoodoo is in the first place.

Hoodoo spells and voodoo spells both have very rich African roots, and that is generally where the similarities end. Voodoo (was also called Vodoun or Vodou) is a true religion, with spiritual ritual and a god's pantheon and powerful spirits.

On the other hand, Hoodoo spells is a particular type of magical practice which is not religious in itself. Sometimes it is called root work, Hoodoo spells use a bunch of herbs to create charm, brew or charm-based spells. These spells have a tendency to be very simple, with just a few things to make a charm. Although , good root work can be very powerful magic.

However not really part of Voodoo, I have included a page of Hoodoo spells anyway. It suits here better than anywhere else.

Home Protection Amulet

This is an easy example of some Hoodoo spells magic you can use to defend your home from harmful energies.

  • 9 mustard seeds (white)
  • red flannel cloth (square piece)
  • A nail made of metal

Wrap up the seeds in a bunch of red flannel, and nail the attraction to the back of your front door. This will keep negative spells and bad energies out of your home.

Hoodoo spells Luck Charm

Different form of magic bag to bring you a little good luck. You have to search an Wiccan store or a herbal shop to find the ingredient though.

  • portion of green cloth
  • A full nutmeg
  • A piece of High John the vanquisher root
  • A coin
  • A green candle(small size)

First, burn the candle and let it burn to just a little end. Then assemble the remaining wax and just make a charm bag out of green cloth for the wax, root, nutmeg and coin. take it with you for good luck. If you are eager to use Hoodoo spells to find romance.

Hoodoo spells is an American African folk magic tradition that was urbanized over some centuries in the Southern U.S from the cultural meeting of Africans, Native Americans, Europeans, and Near Eastern religious and magical practices. It is also known by different regional names like "root work," "conjure," "helping yourself," "using that stuff," "root doctoring," "working roots," "deception."

With the movement of liberated Americans African north at some point in the late 19th and early 20th centuries -- a era called as "The Great Northern Migration" -- hoodoo practices widen all over the U.S and, By cross-cultural mixing, obtain and adapted ideas and methodologies personalized from the magical society of other minority traditions within America. Hoodoo spells is now establish wherever Americans African live, and it is practiced, with a greater or lesser level of authenticity and esteem for its roots, by a variety of Americans of other ethnicities.

While strongly allied with a number of extra African diasporic traditions, hoodoo is not a religion, nor is it an only African form of belief, but rather it is a magical and spiritual practice Most root doctors - like most Americans African - follow the protestant trust. The mixture of the culturally combine magical tradition of Americans African with Protestant Christianity guide hoodoo spells to be seen in the form of American African Christian spiritual practice. Americans and Africans guide there relatives and friends to see hoodoo spells as a spiritual practice.

Hoodoo spells covers a variety of spell-casting and divination practices and culture that have been given through family lines and from teacher to student. Even though hoodoo spells varies somewhat in style from area to area and relatives to relatives, there are common practices among the culture.

Hoodoo Tools

Tools and stuff are the magical mechanism of the folk magic of many traditions. In fact, the use of such objects in style spell-work is one of the script of cultural folkloric witchcraft approximately everywhere in the world. Natural matter, specially organized items, ordinary goods from home and farm, and uncommon curios function as mysterious levers to move the mechanisms of the world.

In hoodoo spells, as in other type of spiritual magic, these tools are chosen on the basis of their cultural suitability to tasks to change luck, claiming blessing, obtaining defense, influence God to give you your way, or compromise you an edge over your opponent which will remove any previous difference of skill or will.

Name Paper

There are many types of name-paper used in hoodoo spells. the base name goal It was printed on a nine-line set, then the total was twisted into clockwise in agreement with the drawing or benefit outcome planned and the 'overlay name conjure up' was printed crossways the first 9 lines in a 9-line dominion or navigation, and lastly "the general intention" was written approximately in a cursive circle to surround the spell. usually the general meaning would be something definite, and the names could be people's names.

Name papers can be used as request under or attach to candles; positioned in one's shoe to ground the aim; covered; or put in into bottles, charm, or other containers to uphold a persistent power.


Red brick dust, pyrite, sulphur, lodestone, alum, anvil dirt; Minerals are used lengthily in hoodoo spells. Those shown above are typically used alone or in mixture with other objects with a harmonizing aim.

Red brick dust is employed in conjure work for protection, sulphur for dark arts and passage, alum for stop gossiping, pyrite for wealth-hold, lodestone for drawing love or money, and attractive sand or anvil dust to nourish lodestones or to blend with other powders to intensify their power.

Natural Curios

Herbs, roots, teeths, bones, alligator feet, , nuts, beans, stones, snake sheds, shells, feathers, petrified wood and lightning-struck, waters, dusts , and dirt's: The natural world is immersed with spells mechanism and allies useful for receiving one's way.

Whether in mixture or alone, as the origin for an charm, , powder, doll baby ,the union of needs and local availability has led to cultural magical uses being attributed to definite North American stuff magical establish in the wild and in the garden.

Charms and Amulets

contrived and establish objects have their use in folk magic too.

Keys to open leap or locked up situation, hands to help in bringing life's needs within reach, coins as "coppers" or "Indian scouts" to protect valuables and guard against infringement, and "queer" money to fling luck in our direction may be detached from their normal purposes and use and get job in spell-crafting toward emblematic ends in a language both charmed and associative.

Personal Concerns

physical excreta such as nail pairings, menstrual blood, hair, , sputum, semen, tears, perspiration urine, saliva or feces may be use in hoodoo spells to make spell-work as a goal to a definite individual, to go hard the connection between the goal of the trap and the spell's intentional effect upon a part of the goal's body, or as a means of authorize a connection between the goal and the spell-caster.

individual concerns may also pass on to extended or linked substances, include handwriting on paper, dust from a footprint, or clothing once worn by the target.

Doll Baby

Doll babies may be complicated or easy images for use in under attack spell work. This one is made as of corn husks, leap together with some cotton string white in colour. Dolls might also be made of cloth, china ware, clay, rope, leather, twine, feathers, metal or wax.

Previous to use, the doll is magically connected with the person to whom it represents.

Containers used in Spell-Casting

Magical containers such as charm cases, , candle holders, picture frames, jars, boxes, vials, bottles, clay pots, or another vessels do not occur within any exacting period, are analytic of no definite culture, and quite often serve up secondary or re-use reason.

The container by which the spell is hold might be buried, hidden, or masked as something normally (as in the addition of such a spell into a picture frame's center or at candle holder base).

Different form of magic bag to bring you a little good luck. You have to search an Wiccan store or a herbal shop to find the ingredient though.

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