Good Luck Spells

Good Luck Spells

Good Luck Spells

Your fortune is something that can be controlled through luck spells, despite the efforts that you have put in to get the good out of your way, then to you will require the additional thrust to enhance your good luck to work faster than ever and to make sure that you achieve what to lure for. If long to be a person like that of Midas who turned everything he touched into gold, then these Good Luck Spells are certainly the Answer for you. If you are going to use these Good Luck Spells once or for all the time, the result to you will be quite astonishing and surprising to you as you will be meeting your desired wish in the quick spell of time.

Good Luck Spells

The key points that one need to consider while casting the spells.

What all one requires at first is the good mindset, because if the person is not in a positive frame of mind then he/ she will not be able to drive the maximum out of the Good Luck Spells. Make sure that you are not in the case loaded with any kind of disappointment or betrayal feeling lest Good Luck Spells won't work in the manner you want it to. One should be in a positive mind set and hence, he should be well surrounded with positive aura so that the spell works with a strong force and power in combination with the natural energies towards attaining a good luck.

Easy Good Luck Spells for Fortune

This spell is based on penny which symbolizes the luck improvement. This penny is a kind of ritual object is which used as a tool to cast these easy spells. Penny here denotes the small value reorganization of a coin in any country. Here we talked about penny because the penny is made up of copper and hence they are sacrosanct to the goddess and the god. It is considered that more the penny is new more it will shine and well it will work.

You will require the following to perform this spell:

1. Copper penny

To perform this luck spell all you need to do is rub the copper penny that you have and rub it until the penny becomes warm. Now immediately place that penny either below your eyes or on your forehead where the third eye is to be known. After placing it now you will require speaking about the good luck what you want to have.

Shortly as you finishes with this keep the penny at some safe place in open and imagine that the fairies will take it and return you with the desired good fortune.

Spell to Attract good luck

To use this good luck spells to attract a good luck for you, a concerned bath will pull towards you all your energies towards exploring good opportunities for job, friends and for money. You need to take care of this that you get completely involved in the bath so that the effects are quite effective and desirable for you. Earl tea is used for this purpose which is the symbol of bringing money and luck to you.

You will require the following to perform this spell:

  • Earl gray tea bag
  • Golden glitter
  • And green coloring

This good luck spells is cast involving the time period of a new and full moon. In a bathtub dip the tea bag and the green coloring along with the golden glitter, now get you completely immerse into the water. While performing this make sure that you are in a positive frame of mind and that only positive energy is surrounding you. Speak out loudly some positive sentence as if you are getting dollars and pound what you longing for.

Spells that are used to bringing luck in business

This good luck spells is the magnetism to attract success in business which is the proximity to your place. This lucky charm can be put in the place from where you operate your business. A store operator can place in it the store; telecommuter, freelancer, IT officer etc can place it near their computer system. Bay leaves are the symbol of wealth.

You will require the following to perform this spell:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Bay leaves
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • And 7 pennies

In a foil crumble all the ingredients all together and then place it where ever you work such as in your cash register, or near your computer.

Spells to get rid of bad luck

Removal of bad luck is the first step to towards success because removing f bad luck says elimination of bad though and negative vibes that surround one's mind. Trees are well known to a purifying means that has the power to get away with the bad luck. As you start gathering twigs from different trees of obeah the magic will start working to remove the bad luck surrounding you.

You will require the following to perform this spell:

1. Bonfire
2. 7 twigs

For this collect 7 twigs but make sure that they are from different trees. The trees must be 7 and the twigs must be from them. The trees that you will select will depend on upon your location where you reside. Now burn them all together and stream out the ashes into the water.

Money Spell

Money spell is required to support the good luck spells in your financial and monetary aspects. Anyone can use this spell in order to bring good luck. This spell can be used either once or if somebody wants to use it every day for the purpose to bring luck and money this spell is indeed good for it.

You will require the following to perform this spell:

1. 3 coins
2. Cup

Put the cup in some safe area in the home and hold the coins in your hand and then make the wish to the lord for the luck and money. Repeat this for 9 days and then after the 9th day perform this ritual once a week.

Luck, success and fortune spells

The energy that is revealed from within the body is a kind of very effective and powerful tool to bring about success and fortune spell in the life. In this process piece of hairs are used and several knot are tied into one and with the help of this, the success spell can be performed. The person who have no hairs or with short hairs for those people the spell can be performed with the help of green thread or yarn. For this very purpose, you can even make use of golden thread because golden represent happy color. This will bring success, prosperity, and comfort in one's life.

You will require the following to perform this spell:

1. 9 strands of your hairs

Take the 9 strands of your hairs and then rubbing them with the help of your palm form a chord and then start tying 9 knots on the chord in the order below. While performing this keep in your mind that you are now becoming strong on your financial front after doing this throw away the chord in the air make thanks to the fairies for blessing and help in the upcoming future.


Exam and test success of the good luck spells

In the good luck spells, you will need to consume this spell mixture in order to bring about the desired outcome in the exams and in the test. Now to use this spell you will require either to consume grape juice, mint leaves or rosemary, where grape juice is the good to supplement to increase the intelligence, on the other hand, mint leaves are very good source of communication and memory withholding. Rosemary is the good supporter for memory and intelligence and enhances expressiveness. Lime is added to it to increase purity.

You will require the following to perform this spell:

  • Half a cup of grape juice
  • Fresh Mints leaves
  • Crushed ice
  • And rosemary

Form a mixture of the above contents in a mixture and then drink it in one slip. While drinking this keep your mind in a positive state, now say it to yourself you can do it and there is no such exam or test that you can't face it. You have the potential to clear any exam and any challenge of your life. If the mixture still left then keep it safe in a cool place and drink it again.

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