Binding Spells

Binding Spells

Binding Spells

The black magic is used to bind the opposite to act according to your own will. This binding spells is considered to the magic which can be controlled in its nature. But if the magic is performed with a bad perspective to hurt in the same manner of damages you also have to face down the line.

The power of spells- Binding Spells

Black magic is usually done to bend, where revenge is one of the most deadly action and reaction. If this is nurturing in one's mind then that person can go to any limits and can cross any bounds what so ever comes in the way. This feeling if become desire then it will become something that can't be controlled. This causes irreversible damage to you and to your loved ones. At times when a situation is worse just because of the pleasure that you carry with your dear ones are suddenly got spoiled in few moments as if some calamity has taken place, you then start driving conclusion about the reason behind this suffering that your loved ones are facing. Certainly binding spells are the best solution to know about the doer and make him/her suffers the same as what your close ones or you are suffering from. It sometime gives immense satisfaction to you when you come to know that you are the reason behind the illness that your enemy is facing now for what he/she deserves to be.

Black magic is certain the answer to it. This binding spells is one of the most hazardous and powerful magic which has the power to give you control and simultaneously harm the opposite. The outcomes of this binding spells have the power to go beyond of what one would have even thought of, the consequences of it can even be the cause of someone's life too. No one can even predict how far this binding spells can cause damage to one's life as well as to properties. Because of all these reasons, this binding spells must be used with great caution and care.

The principle of this binding spells work on the law of bending the decision of the opposite being according to your own will. The drawback of this binding spells is that even if someone wants to make of this for a purpose of something good, ultimately this is going to harm someone or the other. It strictly recommended that one should use this binding spells only when he/she do not see any other option or possibility to get the desire satisfied and when the bend the person is the only solution left. One must keep this notice that this binding spells is not a game and hence it can't be controlled if started. If this black magic took place then the possibilities are ranked high that you or those people who are dear to you will suffer badly which is unexpected for you to even imagine. Despite the ill consequences still if you are in the situation of taking this risk, then certainly you can make use of this binding spells to get the desire of taking the revenge from the one who has harm your loved one's or to you.

Some people who are kind of obsessed one and are over possessive for their love tends to use this spell in order to protect their love, prevent the either to committing suicide, or preventing the opposite person for cheating or betraying you.

You will require the following to perform this binding spells:

  • One single identity of the person such as photograph
  • 1 red and 1 black candle
  • 3 feet long black and red ribbon
  • Jar with lid

How this binding spells is conducted

This binding spells can be conducted at any time all day long but the preferably if you are to conduct this spell and want the best and quick result, you must perform this during the mid night. Firstly woven the ribbon in the form of a braid and start tying knots, Knots must be 9 in number tied at both ends.

Take the personal object of the person such as a photograph, some other object can also be used such as a piece of cloth or ring. Secondly, you must write the date of birth of the person on the snap. Now you need to roll the photo sheet in such a manner that the image is faced inside. Lastly, the braid that you have woven from the ribbon ties it all around the photograph. While tying the ribbon softly whisper the words of binding the person from all around such as I am binding you( name of the person) from the left side, from top, from bottom, I am binding you so that you give no harm to me, I am binding you from both night and day etc.

Put the roll inside the jar and cover the jar with the lid, keep the jar safe in some dark room. Sooner you come to know that the target has been attained break the jar and take the roll out and burn it.

Before undertaking any binding spells one must keep in mind about the rule of three. The spell can be conducted for both good deeds or for the bad deed. The point to remember is that what you give will certainly back to you in some way or the other. One must make a note of it before starting any spell whether he/she is doing the right or not. Normally what happen with everyone is that we take the quick decision when we are angry and frustrated and ultimately we are suffering at the end. So before take this serious decision of using this dangerous binding spells one must give this a deep though and should clearly figure out the right and the wrong about the ultimate outcome.

Let you rest for a while give yourself sometime. Refresh yourself and then again the thing of doing this binding spells. As there might be other option also available in front of you. If you are only left with this binding spells and better set your mind for the damage and harm that will too come back to you at the end. Since performing this binding spells for bad will have the negative energies associated with it, hence the possibilities are high that they will harm you as well. Using the black magic to take bend someone is something that will involve the world also, because if you use this spell out of anger that means you are sending into the world the negative energies to get your work done, which will have a hazardous effect both to the world and on to you

Easy binding spell

The binding spells does not require being complex or colossal in nature in order to be conducted to perform well. The entire binding spell usually consists of ribbon braid which is supposed to be tied on the photograph. To make this even more simple and easy the photograph is simply stapled through pins of the crook. The chants are even not required for this purpose you can simply think of the person whom you wish for to end troubling you anymore.

You will require the following to perform this binding spells:

  • A stapler
  • A purple candle
  • A photograph

Draw a circle and keep the purple candle in the middle of the circle. Now start stapling the photograph of the offender thinking that you are binding him/her towards you.

Enemy binding spell

The enemy binding spells is a very simple but effective spell in order to bind your enemy down. In this binding spells conduction, you will require 2 mirrors to hold the image of the foe who wants to attack you and causing trouble to you. The basic law behind this binding spells is that there are two mirrors and the reflection phenomenon works here well where it is supposed that the enemy if trying to do bad to you the same well get reflected back to him/her

You will require the following to perform this binding spells:

  • 3 white candles
  • Photograph of the enemy
  • Gaffer tape
  • Black ribbon
  • 2 mirrors

Now firstly you need to place the mirror in front of the candles and the place the image of the enemy in between the mirrors and then start tying the image sandwich in between the mirrors by the tape and then tie the ribbon and then finally place it in a box and safely store it in a dark place.

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